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Yearbook Update Information

Greetings Parents and Students,
We have an update for the Yearbook for Canyon Hills Middle. Due to the COVID-19 there will be a delay of when the Yearbooks will be ready. We are currently anticipating having the Yearbook ready for pickup in the Fall 2020. We have two options available:  For those Parents/Students that have already purchased the Yearbook you have the options to Cancel your order and get a refund if done so on or before May 1st. 
Option 1 :
  • You can choose to wait until Fall of 2020 until we receive them. They will be available for pickup at the school (We expect them to be available September 2020)
  • Remember, you can still buy your Canyon Hills Yearbook until the end the end of May, order here.  Please use Yearbook ID code: 14114820.
Option 2 :   
  • If you don’t want to wait and would like a refund you can contact Mr. Gomez and Mr. Salcido via email to request your refund. Please indicate in the email if you purchased your Yearbook online or in person with Mr. Salcido. MUST CANCEL ON OR BEFORE MAY 1st 2020

Yearbook Cover