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El Paso Locomotive donates jerseys, shorts to EPISD Community Schools

El Paso Locos at Guillen MS

El Paso Locos at Guillen MS  El Paso Locos at Guillen MS

El Paso Locos at Guillen MS El Paso Locos at Guillen MS

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Feb. 17, 2021) — EPISD’s Community Schools Program scored a gooooooooooaaaaal last week thanks to it continued partnership with the El Paso Locomotive FC. 

Members of the Locomotive administrative team, including Ozzy the Bat mascot, stopped by the Community Schools offices to drop off boxes filled with Loco merchandise like jerseys, shorts, hoodies, and jackets for teachers to use as prizes and incentives with students. 

The Locomotive Team has partnered with EPISD and EPISD-affiliated organizations like the Segundo Barrio Fútbol Club since its inception. On Friday, team officials praised the work EPISD Community Schools officials like coordinator Simon Chandler do to foster the love of soccer among children.

Chandler and the Segundo Barrio FC players “were at our name announcement and we work with them to have our players come out to the schools and on work with them both in the classroom and on the field,” said Sarah Nollner, the Locomotive’s director of marketing and communication. 

“We are thrilled to drop off this merchandise to serve as incentive for students to continue learning and playing,” she added. “We also are excited to continue our partnership with EPISD, the Segundo Barrio Fútbol Club and Community Schools.” 

Thank you, Locos, for being an amazing partner with our students and schools!

Story by Gustavo Reveles
Photos by Leonel Monroy