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Magnet High School Information

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High School Programs

  • Applications open on November 1st.
  • Applications deadline is November 30th.
  • If students apply after November 30th they must go to the high school to assure that late applications are being accepted.
  • Applications are online . On this website they students have clear instructions and additional information.  This year they apply through their student portal.
  • Students are only allowed to apply to two schools this year.
  • This year they will not host a High School Fair. Each high school will have their own open house.  Dates listed below.   
  • High schools have been invited to come meet with our students during lunch time throughout November.

Open Houses:

(Students can visit the high schools on the following dates)


1st-Silva Health Magnet @ 5:30pm

7th-El Paso High School @ 6pm

8th- Chapin High School @ 6-7:30pm

14th-Bowie High School @ 6pm

15th-Burges High School @6pm

27th- Austin/Transmountain Early College @6pm

28th- Irvin High School/New Tech @6pm

29th- Franklin High School @6pm