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EPISD students headed to HOSA state tournament


(CENTER FOR CAREER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION -- March 4, 2020) — Fourteen students from EPISD's CCTE program will represent their schools and the school district in the state tournamnet of the HOSA Future Health Professionals in Galveston later this spring. 

The students will compete in different health-related fields after qualifying for the state competition at the area HOSA tournament last week. 

The qualifying students are: 

  • Angelica Martinez (Burges High), first place in medical assisting. 
  • Aileen Medina (Franklin High), first place in pharmacy science. 
  • Daniel Valenzuela (Franklin), first place in physical therapy. 
  • Marco Montoya (Franklin), first place in sports medicine. 
  • Annabele Gonzalez (Silva Health Magnet),first place in veterinary science. 
  • Sarah Ronda (Franklin), secon place in sports medicine. 
  • Ashli Sifuentes (Franklin) and Fernanda Medina (Silva), second place in forensic science team. 
  • Ceirra Torrence (Burges), third place in home health aide. 
  • Dina Abed (Franklin), third place in nutrition. 
  • Emily Cossio (Franklin), third place in physical therapy. 
  • Francella Melendez (Franklin), third place in medical photography. 
  • Patricia Rojero (Chapin High) and Christian Renteria (Irvin High) third place in EMT team. 

Additionally, the following students palced in the area HOSA competition: 

  • Kimberly Owens (Chapin) and Felicity Randle (Franklin) fouirth in CPR/first aid team. 
  • Miguel Ruiz (Austin High) and Abraham Mendoza (Jefferson High), fourth place in health education team. 
  • Schuyler Cardona (Andress, Michael Alexander (Coronado) and Alissa Kennedy (El Paso High), fourth place in public service announcement team. 
  • Joshua Ross (Chapin), Paola Quiroz (Coronado), Damian Estebes (Franklin) and Sabrina Muro (Franklin), fourth place in biomedical debate team. 
  • Jade Collins (Andress High), fifth place in pharmacology. 
  • Elva Coronado (Chapin), fifth place in prepared speaking
  • Meril Saied (Franklin), fifth place in pharmacy science
  • Itzel Uvina (Irvin), fifth place in extemporaneous health poster

Three EPISD students were selected to the HOSA Area 4 Board of Officers: 

  • Trinity Costa (Coronado), Area President 
  • Christian Lozano (Coronado), Area Historian
  • Emily Leon (Irvin), Area Reporter

Congratulations to everyone! 

Story by Gustavo Reveles