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Andress High School commencement closes fourth day of EPISD Graduation Season

Andress 2020 grad  Andress 2020 grad

Andress 2020 grad  Andress 2020 grad

Andress 2020 grad  Andress 2020 grad

(ANDRESS HIGH SCHOOL June 18, 2020) — The Andress High Eagles’s Class of 2020 closed off Day 4 of EPISD Graduation Season – the last school to have its commencement at the Franklin High School stadium before the socially-distant ceremonies move to Bowie for the next two days.

Valedictorian and All Andress Girl Andrea Daniela Bazan and All Andress Boy Ivan Vera spoke before their class of 325, commemorating their milestone while reminiscing about their pre-pandemic school days.

“We began senior year listening to the endless 2020 puns about having the perfect vision but 2020 didn’t turn out to be so clear, with our future plans up in the air and our senior year stolen from beneath our feet,” said Bazan, who plans to attend UT Austin this fall. “Although we only experienced 3/4th of our senior year, we accomplished remarkable things – meaning perseverance and persistence are nothing new to us as we have learned to work through it all as individuals and as a team throughout high school.”

Bazan, also the All-Andress Girl, gave props to the Andress faculty and staff that guided the class of 2020 through four years of high school.

“Our teachers saw us as more than a piece of paper and a scantron,” Bazan said. “They saw us as people -- not ID numbers or test scores -- and taught lifelong lessons beyond what any curriculum could. On behalf of the class of 2020: thank you.” 

The Eagles racked up more than $2.7 million in scholarships.

They will live up to their class motto, a quote from cartoonist Ashleigh Brilliant: “Nothing we do changes the past, everything we do changes the future.”


Andress High School Graduation
Andress High School Graduation

Check out the entire ceremony, including speeches and roll call Congrats Andress Eagles!

Story by Reneé De Santos
Photos by Leonel Monroy