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EPISD campuses to host Immunize El Paso vaccine clinics

Photo of vaccination clinic at Andress

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT --Nov. 5, 2021) — With the FDA approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for 5- to 11-year-old children, Immunize El Paso is partnering with the El Paso Independent School District to launch a comprehensive vaccination campaign targeting all eligible children enrolled in the District.

 Immunize El Paso and local school districts are collaborating to provide neighborhood-level vaccination access at all campuses on Dec. 1-13. Vaccination is free of charge .

“We are excited to bring this collaborative effort to the El Paso community to ensure every child has an opportunity to be protected against COVID-19” said Dusty Warden, Director of Operations. “This is a huge step towards our return to normalcy.”

Parents, children, and community members are invited to each scheduled clinic, regardless of enrollment status. You can pre-register your child for the vaccine here.

The schedule of the vaccination clinics is:


(All clinics are 3 to 5 PM)



Wednesday, Dec. 1

Armendariz Middle

2231 Arizona Ave


Rusk Elementary

3601 N. Copia St.


Clendenin Elementary

2701 Harrison Ave.


Moreno Elementary

2300 San Diego Ave.


Barron Elementary

11155 Whitey Ford St.


Crockett Elementary

3200 Wheeling Ave.

Thursday, Dec. 2

Brown Middle

7820 Helen of Troy Dr.


Polk Elementary

940 Belvidere St.


Rivera Elementary

6445 Escondido


Western Hills Elementary

530 Thunderbird Dr.


Hornedo Middle

6101 High Ridge Dr.


Putnam Elementary

6508 Fiesta Dr.


Tippin Elementary

6541 Bear Ridge Dr.

Friday, Dec. 3

Charles Middle

4909 Trojan Dr.


Terrace Hills Middle

5835 Blossom Ave


Stanton Elementary

5414 Hondo Pass Dr.


Archie Duran Elementary

5249 Bastille Ave.


Collins Elementary

4860 Tropicana Ave.


Dr. Torres Elementary

10700 Rushing Rd.


Newman Elementary

10275 Alcan St.

Monday, Dec. 6

Henderson Middle

5505 Robert Alva Ave


Zavala Elementary

51 N. Hammett St.


Clardy Elementary

5508 Delta Dr.


Douglass Elementary

101 S. Eucalyptus St.


Hart Elementary

1110 Park St.


Hawkins Elementary

5816 Stephenson Ave.


Herrera Elementary

350 Coates Dr.

Tuesday, Dec. 7

Canyon Hills Middle

8930 Eclipse St.


Park Elementary

3601 Edgar Park Ave.


Powell Elementary

4750 Ellerthorpe Ave.


Sunrise Mountain Elementary

7710 Pandora St.


Logan Elementary

3200 Ellerthorpe Ave.


Moye Elementary

4825 Alps Dr.


Wiggs Middle

1300 Circle Dr.

Wednesday, Dec. 8

Morehead Middle

5625 Confetti Dr.


Guillen Middle

900 S. Cotton St.


Aoy Elementary

901 S. Campbell St.


Magoffin Middle

4931 Hercules Ave.


Coldwell Elementary

4101 Altura Ave.


Hillside Elementary

4500 Clifton Ave.


Mesita Elementary

3307 N. Stanton

Thursday, Dec. 9

Bliss Elementary

4401 Sheridan Rd.


Milam Elementary

5000 Luke St.


Cielo Vista Elementary

9000 Basil Ct.


Lamar Elementary

1440 E. Cliff Dr.


Nixon Elementary

11141 Loma Roja Dr.


Ross Middle

6101 Hughey Dr.


Hughey Elementary

6102 Hughey Dr.

Friday, Dec. 10

Richardson Middle

11350 Loma Franklin


Tom Lea Elementary

4851 Marcus Uribe


Whitaker Elementary

4700 Rutherford Dr.


Green Elementary

5430 Buckley Dr.


Johnson Elementary

499 Cabaret Dr.  


Kohlberg Elementary

1445 Nardo Goodman Dr.


Lundy Elementary

6201 High Ridge Dr.

Monday, Dec. 13

Cooley Elementary

107 N. Collingsworth St.


Guerrero Elementary

7530 Lakehurst Dr.


Zach White Elementary

4256 Roxbury Dr.


MacArthur PK-8

8101 Whitus Dr.


Mesita ECDC

220 Lawton Dr.


Don Haskins PK-8

250 Lindbergh Ave.


Don Haskins Annex (Bond Site)

500 Mulberry Ave.

Additionally, Immunize El Paso clinics will carry vaccines, available on a walk-in basis. Clinics are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. The clinics are located at:

  • San Juan Clinic, 6292 Trowbridge. 915-533-3414
  • Downtown Clinic, 513 E. San Antonio, Suite B. 915-857-2474.
  • Eastside Clinic, 1400 George Dieter, Suite 225. 915-857-2474.

For more information on Immunize El Paso, visit 

Story by Gustavo Reveles
Photo by Leonel Monroy