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El Paso ISD collaborates with regional tennis leaders to host camp for Canyon Hills, Guillen students

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT — Sept. 22, 2023) — El Paso ISD, in collaboration with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Southwest and the Greater El Paso Tennis Association (GEPTA), will provide students from Canyon Hills and Guillen middle schools an opportunity to participate in an exceptional tennis camp and exhibition match Oct. 2-6, 2023, at the El Paso Tennis and Swim Club.   

This collaborative effort aligns with a tenet of El Paso ISD’s Hopes and Dreams Realized strategic blueprint, which stipulates a commitment to create an integrated system of school supports, extended learning opportunities and community partnerships. The tennis camp embodies the spirit of community engagement and educational excellence, reinforcing the district’s dedication to providing holistic support to its students.  

Participating students from Guillen and Canyon Hills will receive specially branded hats, T-shirts, and cinch bags. They will be coached by representatives from UTSA Southwest who will help bolster the students’ holistic development, placing them on a path toward becoming well-rounded individuals capable of achieving bright futures with confidence and resilience.  

“We are truly excited to offer our students this unique opportunity to hone their tennis skills, learn valuable life lessons, and forge lasting bonds with their peers,” said Simon Chandler, El Paso ISD’s assistant director of Equity and Community Engagement. “This event exemplifies our district’s unwavering commitment to fostering well-rounded, resilient individuals who are equipped to excel both academically and personally.”  

The tournament will culminate on Friday, Oct. 6, with an exhibition match featuring El Paso ISD students and tennis players from the University of Texas at El Paso. Further details regarding the exhibition match's timing will be provided soon.  

El Paso ISD extends gratitude to the El Paso Community Foundation, USTA Southwest and GEPTA for their generous support and collaboration in making this event possible. Through this partnership, the district aspires to expand the camp into a tutoring and tennis program that can positively impact children throughout the school year.