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New Band Teacher Shares His Love for Music


Nathassja Jacquez and Hector Montes

Mr. Adam Castañeda is the new band director for the Bowie High School marching band. Castañeda has always wanted to be a band director ever since high school.

“I went to school at UTEP, I did things like drum corp on the side, I started arranging and composing music, and eventually I found my place here and I couldn’t be more happier,” Mr. Castañeda said.

Mr. Castañeda is very proud that he has students that love band, love music and in general just what they do in the class.

“I just expect my students to push their hardest, to give their all everyday, at every rehearsal, and just to love what they do,” said Mr. Castañeda.

Mr. Castañeda expects the band to work hard and sound great, but most of all to just do what they love, and he helps them meet his expectations through practice everyday.  Mr. Castañeda said that the band has many strengths and some weaknesses.

“One of the band’s strength is that we are small but mighty, these are some the hardest working kids I’ve met, but we do have weaknesses like everyone else, but I think the strengths outweigh the weaknesses,” Mr. Castañeda said.

“I love their personalities, I love how hard working they are. They make me laugh, and they’re just wonderful kids,” Mr. Castañeda said.

Mr. Castañeda hopes to be able to stay at Bowie for a long time, and hopes to lead the band to many through many accomplishments and see the program grow.


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