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Going Above and Beyond

Going Above and Beyond


John Chavez and Alexa Ramos

Alejandra Lopez, 11, said that she enjoys being involved in NHS, Student Council Oso Council (New Tech), and other different activities. “Well by my grades, my grades have helped me to be part of these activities,” Lopez said.

Lopez said that she doesn’t find the activities difficult, most of the time they do outside activities or help the community, those activities can even help her in the future “It depends on the work we are doing, and usually they are pretty easy if we make an organization,” Lopez said.

Lopez said she wouldn’t give up all the activities she’s involved in for free time or to join a sport. “It depends what it is. A sport takes a lot of m time,” Lopez said.

She said that her passion comes from making the school better and fun not just all about education as students see it. “The passion I have is to make the school better and funner,” Lopez said.

She said she doesn’t find it stressful, but sometimes she has to stop working or volunteering in the activities because her homework gathers up and she believes her education is more important. “I don’t find it stressful but I find it overwhelming when I have homework to do and activities to do,” Lopez said.

Lopez said the time she puts in those activities don’t affect her outside time because if she’s not doing homework she’s doing activities or chores, and she knows how to balance her time. “If I have an important thing to do, I stop doing activities, I postpone them for another time, also the A and B day schedule helps me because I don’t have to turn in work the next day,” Lopez said.

Mr. Joel Rodriguez, History teacher, Said that Lopez always does quality work, and how the work she does is a visual representation of her; it’s like a reflection.

“And I think she wants to always look good and be prepared that she always puts a lot of work a lot of organized work and so its good quality work,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said that she is a very committed student and that she’s also committed to being a better person of herself.

“Do I think she’s an outstanding student? Yes! And I do believe that she’s a student that is an example that she has mistakes and areas she can improve? Yes,” Rodriguez said.

He said that sometimes Lopez can start acting a little crazy but that’s only because the projects due date are getting closer and she wants to get it done but it also has to be an outstanding work.

“I think Ale is because she is so determined to be successful and everything sometimes she tends to get a little impatient with other and so she can definitely be improved herself by showing more patience towards her peers and students who may be struggling,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

He said that Freshman year Lopez was a completely different person from now, she used to be shy and didn’t have confidence in herself. Her presentations used to be at beginners level, now she faces her audience.

“And the biggest improvements that I’ve seen is her trusting herself and when she gives her presentations now its really different and it comes with- she puts a lot of preparations her presentation are a lot better. And she presets in a confident way,” ”She’s stating facts, And relevant information, because she put a lot of preparation. So, I say that from freshman to now, she turned into a much person and a much better student. And Just captivated her audience” Rodriguez said.

He said that New Tech’s model helps students develop more, and it also helps prepare them to become better presenters.

“So everything that she’s doing all the work it she’s gonna benefit that in college but I think more so as she gets to the real life and building those I get structures that she has in making those commitments that she makes to her self is just going to allow her to be much more successful at college and the real life,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said that Lopez is a great help because she comes up with helpful ideas, also because she is a dedicated person who doesn’t mind spending time after school and help projects come to life.

“One of the things Ale does is that we would be talking about an idea and she takes us to a bigger idea and you guys know me that I’m always doing projects after school and those projects that I do, can not be as successful without her,” “Are they always the best ideas? No, but without her, I think projects that we always do in class will always be as successful as they are,” Mr. Rodriguez said. Priscilla Meraz, 11, said what she most loves about Alejandra is that she’s always looking for ways to help others.
“We have been very close lately and I realized all the hard work she’s putting into her classes, and how much she cares about her grades,” Meraz said.

Meraz said that their friendship helps guide both of them when they’re going through rough paths. “Well some of the times we’re both stressed because of our classes but because our friendship helps us to guide each other. Whenever she has problems with her class or she’s stress, I always try to calm her down as she tries to do with me when I’m stressed,” Meraz said.

She said that there are times where Lopez can be in control and losses it a little, especially when she has an essay due for Mr. Nail’s class or she has to study for a quiz in Mr. Barragan’s class. “She always has control over everything most of the time. There’s sometimes when she loses it,” Meraz said.

Meraz said that Alejandra can be weak in some subjects, she had to help her with math. “We both help each other, there are some areas where she has strengths and I don’t and there’s some classes where I’m strong and she’s not,” Meraz said.

Meraz said that sometimes she sees how Lopez is all caught up in her classes and she feels behind. “We’re no taking the same classes but I love how she manages to keep everything in order,” Meraz said.


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