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Senior PIctures

Senior pictures
Senior 2020 Parents:
Lifetouch Prestige is the photographer that will be taking Senior Portraits this year. Coronado has provided them with a list of phone numbers and addresses that the school had on file at the end of the school year. They should have called and sent information to you by July 8. (If your address or phone number has changed, or you wish to provide them with your email, please email with the name of the student, and the yearbook adviser will forward this information to them.)
The senior yearbook photo will be free if the student takes it before school starts in August. The number to call for an appointment is 915-587-8818, then ask for the Prestige extension. THE DEADLINE FOR TAKING THE SENIOR PHOTOS FOR THE YEARBOOK IS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16.  
About the photos:
Only photos of students facing to the right will be placed in the book. If the student chooses a left-facing photo, the yearbook staff will override that choice. (The photo studio is aware of this)
Girls will be photographed in the traditional black off-the shoulder drape, which they will be changing into during the photo appointment. For this reason, it is suggested that anything the student wishes to wear under the drape is strapless.
Boys are asked to show up in a crisp long-sleeved button-down white or blue (not navy or turquoise) shirt. Boys may also choose to wear a jacket, vest, and/or or tie with the shirt. (The pattern on the tie must be school-appropriate)
Thank you,
from Mrs. Haefner and the 2020 Legend Yearbook Staff