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FAQ about 4545

HB 4545 Questions and Answers (Q&A)

1. What is HB 4545? House Bill 4545 recently passed in the 87th Regular Legislative Session. The new statute is effective, as of June 16, 2021, with accelerated instruction practices required during the 2021-2022 school year for all students, based on results from Spring 2021 or the Beginning of the Year assessment (BOY) for those who were absent in the spring.

2. Who is required the 30 hours of accelerated instruction (tutoring)?

  • Any first year 9th grader who did not attempt an 8th grade STAAR test and did not perform satisfactory on the Beginning of the Year (BOY) exam.
  • Any first year 9th grader who failed an 8th grade STAAR test.
  • Any student who failed a high school EOC exam either in the spring of 2021 or prior test date.
  • Any student whose initial EOC test was spring 2021 and chose not to take it and did not perform satisfactorily on the BOY exam.
  • Any student who did not attend any scheduled STAAR, EOC, or BOY exam.

3. What if I was not successful on more than one exam? The 30 hours of tutoring is for each of the subjects which requirements are not met. Example: Reading = 30 hours, Math = 30 hours

4. When will the tutoring ours start? Tutoring begins on the week of September 20th. More information to come.

5. Do I have to take the December 2021 EOC if I passed the BOY? Yes, the BOY was just an assessment to measure proficiency and not a substitute for the EOC 6. How can I access my STAAR or EOC scores?

7. Am I able to access my BOY scores? No, unfortunately there is not a public portal. Ask your teacher.