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College Readiness Camp

College Readiness Camp

In Texas, to begin college without remedial courses you need one of the following in both math and reading: TSI 2.0 SCORE: 945 ELAR and a 5 on the essay & 950 on MATH SAT SCORE: 530 MATH & 480 on EBRW ACT SCORE: Composite score of 23 & a minimum score of 19 in both Math & Reading Your future starts with college readiness

Who: Students who have not met college-ready standards or are wishing to take dual credit courses in the upcoming years. Why: The goal is for all EPISD students to graduate college-ready and have the opportunity to begin college without needing remedial classes.

What: Four one-week camps designed to prepare students for the college application process as well helping them pass the TSI 2.0. Students will have the opportunity to TSI test each Friday and may choose which week they want to attend. When: Session 1 (June 21-25); Session 2 (June 28-July 2); Session 3 (July 6-9); Session 4 (July 12-16); students can choose to attend the morning (8am-12pm) or afternoon session (12:30pm-4:30pm). Where: All high schools will be offering the College Readiness Camp at designated summer school sites. How: Interested students should contact their counselor to register.

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