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EPISD Updates Zoom Effective 8/24

Before class on Monday all students must update Zoom:

Follow these steps:

  1. Tap F4 in the top row on your keyboard
  2. Open the "Self Service" app
  3. Find Zoom in the programs and Install or Reinstall the app on your computer
  4. Open the app after it installs
  5. Click "Sign In"
  6. Click "Sign In With SSO"
  7. It tells you to "sign in with SSO" use your username@episd-org
    1. Example: the username jdoe1234 would use jdoe1234@episd-org
    2. Make sure you use a dash and not a dot in the episd-org part of your username.
  8. Click "Continue"

Troubleshoot: If it won't let you sign in in step 7, try adding to the end of the username used in step 7 (Example:

Students that have trouble with the steps above, don't have a Mac, or are using a personal computer, go to and follow instructions 5-8 above.