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Senior Hike 2024 - What a journey!

TMECHS Seniors Conquer North Franklin Peak

A group of adventurous seniors from Transmountain Early College High School recently undertook a challenging hike to North Franklin Peak, beginning their journey at the W. Cottonwood Springs trailhead. This strenuous hike, spanning approximately eight miles, put their endurance and determination to the test.

The trek started with a gradual incline over scree, or rubble, presenting an initial challenge for some of the hikers. However, their spirits remained high as they tackled the rugged terrain.

As the students progressed, the trail transitioned to a steady climb over loose rubble and rocks, demanding both physical strength and careful footing. Despite the difficulty, the group pressed on, encouraging one another and showcasing impressive resilience. The ascent was a true test of their perseverance, and each step brought them closer to their goal of reaching the highest peak in the park.

Upon reaching the ridgeline, the hikers meandered across it, relishing the increasingly stunning vistas. The final push to North Franklin Peak was both exhilarating and exhausting, but the reward was well worth the effort. At the summit, the students were greeted with breathtaking, panoramic views. The 360-degree perspective offered sights of Mexico, the city of El Paso, and stretches into New Mexico, providing a unique and awe-inspiring experience.

The seniors' successful hike to North Franklin Peak was not just an outdoor adventure but a memorable milestone in their final year of high school. The journey exemplified their teamwork, tenacity, and appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding their community. With cameras in hand, they captured the stunning scenery and the sense of accomplishment that will undoubtedly remain a highlight of their senior year.