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Albertsons Foundation donates $44,000 to EPISD Schools

EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Dec. 14, 2017) — Christmas came a little early for 17 EPISD campuses receiving $44,000 in grants on Wednesday from the Albertsons Companies Foundation during the re-grand opening ceremonies of two of its stores.  

Dignitaries and grant beneficiaries gathered at the Redd Road and Kenworthy Street stores for two separate ribbon cutting ceremonies and grant awards. 

A large percentage of the grants went to 16 campuses for $32,000, which will be distributed through the EPISD Education Foundation. Albertsons also is donating school supplies to the schools.

“We are honored to donate $32,000 to the El Paso Independent School District through the Albertsons Foundation,” said spokeswoman Nancy Keane. “We know that schools are really stretched and when it comes to funding music programs and just general supplies teachers are buying products out of their own money. They are using their own resources to make sure their kids have the equipment and the tools they need to learn and to really excel in the classroom.”

At the Redd Road re-grand opening, the Franklin High School drum line greeted shoppers and guests eager to see the newly renovated store, which features more deli offerings, a sushi bar and a full-service Starbucks. 

The Hornedo Middle School choir gathered around a fruit display in the front of the store to perform Christmas carols while the Putnam Elementary School’s Bucket Band kept the beat going for the closing of the ceremony. 

Besides the $32,000 for the 16 EPISD campuses, Albertsons awarded a separate check for $2,000 to the Franklin High School band and a $10,000 check to the Hornedo choir. The choir was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City this spring and needs nearly $70,000 to reach its fund-raising goal. 

“We cannot express how grateful and privileged we feel to have Albertsons as one of our supporters and sponsors,” said Jessica Barney, Hornedo choir director. “We truly enjoyed being a part of the grand re-opening of the beautiful Albertsons on Redd Road. We will always remember this act of kindness.”   

Across town at the Kenworthy store, principals from nine Northeast campuses gathered for their special celebration and re-grand opening. 

“This came as a complete surprise,” said Crosby Elementary principal Yvette Hernandez. “There are things we can’t do with campus budgets especially with enrichment opportunities for our students. Albertsons is sending a message that it cares about our children and that we are working together for the common good.” 

Christine Miles, principal at Nixon, said the extra cash will go a long way for students at her campus. 

“By Albertsons supporting us, we’re able to provide resources to our students we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to provide,” she said. 

During the ceremony, representatives from the selected campuses gathered for pictures holding up their big ceremonial checks for $2,000. 

“We are very fortunate here at Albertsons and through the Albertsons Foundations to have the financial resources to pump back into school districts and to really honor these educators that do so much to help students,” Keane said. “By giving back to them, we hope to make their lives just a little bit easier in the classroom.”

Albertsons grants help fund EPISD schools